RedrockMicro M2 Encore bokeh is soooo good, wow!

I am viewing and registering  the Birth of a Song shots. A tedious task that will take me days and days.

What becomes so apparent now, is the huge difference in the sharpness between the first few shots made with our old sgBlade and the Redrcock Micro M-II Encore 35mm. DOF adapter we used after the first few shoots.
The picture is brighter, sharp and realy realy sparkling. I might even conclude that the images that come directly from the camera, without DOF adapter, are less interresting and lacking “character” – not only because the lack of DOF, but also the texture is so much “video” without the RedrockMicro adapter.

The sharpness and light distribution in the picture  is soooo filmic; lots of detail without becoming “video-sharp”. This pallatable scharpness in combination with the DOF unsharpness – which we call BOKEH – is superb!

Thanks RR, you really helped us make a difference – i think we really achieved the true filmlook thanks to the RRM2E, without the nasty artifacts that other DOF adapters introduce!

You’ll all see for yourself when the Birth of a Song trailer hits the web in a week…

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