GH5s 4K DCI mode resolves far less detail than UHD mode

Ever since day one with my new GH5s i suspected that there was something wrong with my glass (or my reading glasses), but after reading the GH5s EBU – Tech 3335 Assessment i’m starting to understand what’s going on.

The Panasonic DMC-GH5s does resolve less (or just zero) fine detail in 4k DCI (c4k) mode, either because there are not enough pixels, or because there is a lowpass filter installed that removes any detail for resolutions higher than UHD (makes sense…).

The attached test pics are self explanatory… The difference is pretty shocking in my humble opinion.

I’m pretty displeased with this, because i just bought this cam for shooting c4k, and traded my Atomos Ninja for a new Atomos that handles that resolution.

I hope (probably in vain) that Panasonic can solve this e.g. by switching the lowpass filtering along with the resolution (is it a physical filter, or digital? – excuse my ignorance) or at least shine some light on what’s going on.

Get ready, ye pixel peepers!

Download and view 100%.


UDH, HLG mode


DCI, HLG mode


UHD, V-LOG mode


DCI, V-LOG mode




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