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Marvels Cine Picture Style 3.4 test movie

UPDATE: please follow the link “marvels cine for hdslr” at the top of this blog for more information and updated profile.

Jorgen Escher has published some new information about the Marvels 3.3 and 3.4 picture styles we will be using on an indie feature length production this year. He explains the differences between 3.3 and 3.4 and my (our) motivations to make changes to the default 3.3 style.

Jorg (for short) has also published a short test movie on his blog and on Youtube.

You can find Jorg here:  Jorg is an optical reserach engineer with the Fraunhofer institut, Darmstadt Germany and knows a lot about colorimetrics.

Follow that guy! @colorbyjorg


March Hardware Testdrive coming up: DOF adapters

m2e dof adapter marvels film martin beekThis month’s Hardware Testdrive is the result of one year of struggling with a number of top-shelf DOF adapters. It will also encompass different reviews, all merged into one. This extensive article will be ready some time the third week of march and will include many pictures and example footage.

I shot three productions in 2009 – one short movie and two music videos – for which we either bought or rented four different DOF adapters for our Sony EX-1 camera. The Brevis, the SGBlade, the Letus Extreme and the Redrock Micro M2E.

Some results and experiences were disastrous, which made 2009 a very expensive year in the camera department…

Read all about it soon..!

Cheers, martin.


DollyTrax camera dolly – January Hardware Testdrive

It has been delayed a few weeks, due to bad weather and illness. But here it is:

Hardware Testdrive: DollyTrax camera dolly system

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