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Redrock Micro Brings Redrock|ops to Light: a New Concept in Cinema Rigs

redrock micro rig dslr martin beekRedrock Micro, the recognized leader in affordable professional-quality cinema accessories,  last month announced the new Redrock|ops line of accessories and rigs for video DSLR cameras.
The Redrock|ops line is an entirely new concept in cinema equipment that fuses the durability of professional cinema equipment with modern camouflage styling.
Redrock|ops rigs are limited edition versions of existing Redrock cinema rigs that employ a camouflage coating on the rigs. The camouflage coating is a chemical process that infuses the patterns into the materials, resulting in gear that is both attractive and wear resistant. In addition the professional matted finish is “movie set safe” and does not reflect any light.
The first Redrock|ops rig delivered was a modified Field Cinema Deluxe Bundle handed to Shane Hurlbut, ASC at the Hurlbut Visual’s DSLR Bootcamp. The Bootcamp is a first-ever of its kind to teach high-end filmmaking techniques using HDSLR to all-comers during an intensive weekend-long seminar (for more information see
“I love the idea of the Redrock|ops rigs,” said Mr. Hurlbut. “The rig embodies the style of shooting I love to do: rugged, down-and-dirty, out-of-the-ordinary.”
“Redrock|ops was developed in response to the growing interest of filmmakers to personalize their equipment,” said James Hurd, Chief Revolutionary for Redrock Micro. “In addition to the obvious use for camouflage and outdoors shooting, filmmakers want to infuse a sense of style to their own equipment. The response has already been overwhelmingly positive.”

Redrock|ops rigs are currently available directly from Redrock Micro’s online store and are priced at a slight premium over standard versions of the rigs. Due to the already high demand and limited edition, Redrock|ops rigs have a delivery lead time. More details and ordering can be found at


HDSLR is dead, long live HDSLR! (Sold my Canon 7D… part II)

You all might come to the conclusion – after reading this post – that i am full of contradictions… 😉 But, hey, that’s life! The filmmaking world is changing more rapidly than i can change my underwear, and technologies AND the mindset of producers and directors seem to be able to make a 360 degree turn overnight.

After posting my previous post “Sold my Canon 7d…”,  i received mail from people wanting to know if i’ve abandoned DSLR filming for good and if i’d also stop publishing picture profiles for the Canon DSLR cameras.  I have also received encouraging mail from one guy you all know, but who has asked not to publish his name or comments, that i should absolutely give HDSLR another chance by using the Canon 5D MKII, different lenses and a better minimal DSLR rig. He also stressed on listening to his advise this time… 😉

The director of an upcoming documentary production i was asked to do the camerawork for, was alarmed after reading my tweet and article because he “sold” the use of a DSLR camera as a feature of the project; something the producer agreed with and was enthused by. So, after much debate and consideration i have agreed on using a Canon 5D MKII for aforesaid production. I am responsible for part of the budget, so i will be looking into finding a comfy rig, screenloupe, followfocus and choice of lens(es).

Drawing to a conclusion while broadly answering the emails i have received..:

  • The Red Scarlet is in fact also a HDSLR camera, and i am still set on obtaining one as soon as it becomes available. I truly believe that (the specs of) the Scarlet is the future. Alas, for now it still remains a “future product”…;-)
  • I will continue to shoot HDSLR, although with some more consideration and probably B-camera
  • I will (try) not be triggered, inspired or drawn into gadget hypes, such as full production camera rigs with matteboxes , dollies, tracks and the such as a part of HDSLR filming – just a plain simple kit that i can carry in a bag, instead of a wheelbarrow
  • I will – as promised – publish a number of new picture profiles for the Canon vDSLR camera range, together with Bart Keimen who is an ex-colleague and a brilliant colorist, sometime next month, as they are needed for the documentary and other work mentioned. We were planning to do some Kodak, Fuji and other footage stock simulations and also some specific in-camera looks such as “Tony Scott look” – that kind of thing.
  • I will continue to shoot HD+DOF adapter, no worries.
  • I am considering buying Canon 24-70 L series or 24-105 f/4 IS L series lens for the 5D, to be used together with the Zeiss primes i already own. Please respond to this article if you want to share your lens experiences.

I am now off to find a sponsor who can help me out with a DSLR rig with followfocus… Or rob a bank…


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