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Short Free Fall (“Vrije Val”) 2010, full movie on YouTube HD

Honorable Mention & Audience Award – Los Angeles Movie Awards 2010

Shot with Sony EX-1, EX-3, Canon 7D, RedRock M2E DOF adapters

YouTube HD version

IMDb page


Our latest short “Free Fall” now full length and HD on YouTube

Youtube has updated our account to “no limits”, so we at Marvels Film were finally able to upload our 43 gig, 25 minute, 1080p short movie “Free Fall” (Dutch: Vrije Val). Winner of the Audience Honorable Mention at the Los Angeles Movie Awards 2010.

Free Fall is a short silent movie – music only – about HIV, Aids and prejudice. For this indie production we used a mix of Sony PMW-EX1 with RedrockMicro DOF adapter,  PMW-EX3 and Canon 7D footage.

Website: (English and Dutch)



Resuming hardware reviews and new 5D & 7D picture profiles coming up

I’ve been caught off balance by the passing away of both my mother and a good friend this spring. I postponed all hardware reviews and major blog articles.
I am planning to resume all activities – and making this blog infromative and attractive again – before the end of this year.

I have planned the following hardware reviews that are all confirmed – hardware either on the way or arrived:

Further, in october, new 5D/7D picture profiles coming up! New and updated Cine profiles, mathematically optimized. Among onthers, a flat profile that is just a tad flatter than the neutral profile with “dial everything down”; just a very slight inverted S curve, but enough to lift the blacks and roll off the high lights in a more pleasant way.

Just keep visiting regularly!

Cheers! – Martin.


Redrock Micro Brings Redrock|ops to Light: a New Concept in Cinema Rigs

redrock micro rig dslr martin beekRedrock Micro, the recognized leader in affordable professional-quality cinema accessories,  last month announced the new Redrock|ops line of accessories and rigs for video DSLR cameras.
The Redrock|ops line is an entirely new concept in cinema equipment that fuses the durability of professional cinema equipment with modern camouflage styling.
Redrock|ops rigs are limited edition versions of existing Redrock cinema rigs that employ a camouflage coating on the rigs. The camouflage coating is a chemical process that infuses the patterns into the materials, resulting in gear that is both attractive and wear resistant. In addition the professional matted finish is “movie set safe” and does not reflect any light.
The first Redrock|ops rig delivered was a modified Field Cinema Deluxe Bundle handed to Shane Hurlbut, ASC at the Hurlbut Visual’s DSLR Bootcamp. The Bootcamp is a first-ever of its kind to teach high-end filmmaking techniques using HDSLR to all-comers during an intensive weekend-long seminar (for more information see
“I love the idea of the Redrock|ops rigs,” said Mr. Hurlbut. “The rig embodies the style of shooting I love to do: rugged, down-and-dirty, out-of-the-ordinary.”
“Redrock|ops was developed in response to the growing interest of filmmakers to personalize their equipment,” said James Hurd, Chief Revolutionary for Redrock Micro. “In addition to the obvious use for camouflage and outdoors shooting, filmmakers want to infuse a sense of style to their own equipment. The response has already been overwhelmingly positive.”

Redrock|ops rigs are currently available directly from Redrock Micro’s online store and are priced at a slight premium over standard versions of the rigs. Due to the already high demand and limited edition, Redrock|ops rigs have a delivery lead time. More details and ordering can be found at


Hardware reviews postponed

Three weeks ago my mother passed away, one week ago one of my best friends – age 45. This is the reason why i’m getting behind schedule with the hardware testdrives. There is also a number of articles for this weblog that i’d planned, that will see the light eventually.

Things coming up:

  • Hardware review: the Redrock Micro Mattebox
  • Article: Building the Marvels Exodus: the poor man’s version of the Panavision Genesis
  • Hardware review: The DollyTrax dolly
  • Hardware review: NanoFlash 4:2:2 SDI recorder, new firmware
  • Hardware review: GearNex geared head -> cancelled

Things i’d like to get my hands on…:

  • Redrock Encore M3
  • iPad with movie slate software (ipad not for sale here in Europe)
  • Red Scarlet …
  • Redrock remote follow-focus

I hope to get things back on track a.s.a.p.


Martin Beek


RedrockMicro introduces the MicroRemote wireless follow-focus

More on this beautiful device soon!

Here are the first pictures of the RedrockMicro wireless follow-focus unit. What a beautiful device and what a great concept!
This adds a whole new dimension to focus pulling!

Imagine the combination with a remote-control-head, or hidden camera. Your focus puller does no longer have to sit next to you on your dolly, or run next to  you to keep up. Imagine your focus puller drinking a beer at the bar, while you do the real work. Great stuff.

With the mRemote  coming up, i want to become a full-time focus puller… 😉

if you wish to put your name on our reservation list for the newly announced microRemote please send an email to

redrock micro remote wireless martin beek marvels microremote remoteredrock micro remote wireless martin beek marvels microremote remoteredrock micro remote wireless martin beek marvels microremote remote


March Hardware Testdrive on My Quest for the Perfect DOF adapter, and the Redrock Encore!

A story one year in the making…

Marvels film - Redrock Encore 35mm adapter This month’s Hardware Testdrive is different from the previous articles. This special edition is a summary and a wrap-up of one year of shooting “digital film” using the Sony EX-1 HD camera with the Redrock Encore. A wonderful experience and example rendition of the nearly-elusive filmlook. This all for the Dutch short movie “Vrije Val“, formerly known as “Birth of a Song”. A story about HIV, Aids and prejudice.

For this production we wanted to render the film look as good as it gets; being filmmakers used working with s-35 and s-16mm film-stock, we had some tough requirements for this new digital film phenomenon…

These included:

This article also tells the story of my quest for finding the perfect DOF adapter, that has not only cost me dearly, but also got me a few extra gray hairs…

Read it here on !


March Hardware Testdrive coming up: DOF adapters

m2e dof adapter marvels film martin beekThis month’s Hardware Testdrive is the result of one year of struggling with a number of top-shelf DOF adapters. It will also encompass different reviews, all merged into one. This extensive article will be ready some time the third week of march and will include many pictures and example footage.

I shot three productions in 2009 – one short movie and two music videos – for which we either bought or rented four different DOF adapters for our Sony EX-1 camera. The Brevis, the SGBlade, the Letus Extreme and the Redrock Micro M2E.

Some results and experiences were disastrous, which made 2009 a very expensive year in the camera department…

Read all about it soon..!

Cheers, martin.

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