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Problems installing AE or Premiere on OSX Lion?

I tried to install demo versions of Adobe Premiere and Adobe After Effects, first on my iMac and eventually on my Macbook Pro. They both run OSX Lion and installation failed on both.

I found over one hundred pages of people complaining about the same errors, also with official installations. I was somewhat shocked to find out that Adobe is not helping at all. I tried the little advise they provided, and that was installing the latest version of Java for the mac. That did not change anything at all…

Problems include freeze of the installer, long lists of error-codes, complaints about user-rights, et cetera…


The solution is SO SIMPLE, and i don’t understand that Adobe has not come up with this solution. I tried the following myself and also made a whole bunch of frustrated people a lot happier!

– update the Java version on your OSX Lion mac:   (ok, i’m not even sure that this is needed, but it is what i did)

– shut down your mac

– hold down the SHIFT key on your keyboard and power on the mac

– release the key if you see an unfamiliar progress bar at the bottom of the screen

– log in to your mac with a user that has administrator rights

– install the Adobe software of your choice


Your mac is now in “protected mode”. The screen may behave strange (flicker, slow), but after installations are done and a restart is issued, everything will be back to normal.





Installing Canon EOS utilities and style editor on OSX Lion

I received many complaints about the Canon EOS utility not working under OSX Lion. That was a bit of a mystery to me, because i do have Lion and my Canon software is running fine! Eventually i found out that the reason was, that i was still using version 2.8.1.
And there lies the solution for the time being; until Canon gives us a Lion compatible version.

Officially you’ll have to acquire an official Canon v.2.8.1. installation CD. The downloadable installers you find on the internet are all updaters that don’t allow downgrading, and need a pre-installed version.

Here is an updater that does NOT require a preinstalled version and does do downgrading to EOS utility 2.8.1 and Picture Style Editor 1.7:




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