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Panasonic releases terrific new 25p GH2 firmware!

UPDATE: on, user PDR has reported that HDMI recording is still not possible from the GH2 without following the AviSynth workflow.

Panasonic (so not a “hacker”) has released new firmware for the Panasonic Lumix GH2, on december 7th 2011.

This firmware has some very interesting new features that render the “hacks” available less interesting for the majority of users.

The most important new features for video shooters include:

  • better noise reduction algorithm
  • 25P, 25P and 30P frame-rates
  • HDMI output rumoured to be  un-crippled and fit for external recording (not tested yet!)
  • new HIGH BITRATE film mode that records at 24Mbps
  • improved video AF performance

If it’s really true that we can record a un-crippled HDMI signal with this firmware update, that can be played back and edited without going through that time-consuming Avisynth workflow, then i’d be absolutely flabbergasted and as happy as a monkey with the key to the banana plantation…

I’ve gone through the easy firmware update and that went like a breeze. Indeed, some new settings to play with.

My Ninja recorder is hired out ’til january 2012, so i can not test this at the moment. I hope that other Ninja or Blackmagic users out there can try things out and post their results here!

Here is the Panasonic download page:


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