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Martin says: ditch that Dropbox!


Ditch Dropbox - problems with dropboxA message to all the people i’ve invited to dropbox over the years: LEAVE DROPBOX NOW – they are unreliable, unpredictable and ungrateful! They have lousy encryption and privacy measures, they team up with the NSA and they have VERY DANGEROUS SMALL PRINT.

Over the years i have advised over one hundred people to start using Dropbox. Dropbox has rewarded me for forwarding new customers with free storage space.

Dropbox seemed a great tool to share footage, titles, short sequences, scripts and other portable stuff.


Today dropbox wrote me a four sentence email, saying that all my earned free space has expired and reduced my dropbox by 96GB, going back to the basic dropbox size!!

Without warning and without me knowing that “reward storage” expires. Files are no longer synced and about 6,000 files have become frozen.

A one-liner from Dropbox was received as an answer, saying that i should’ve read the small print…

I think this is outrageous and i have QUIT DROPBOX as per today and i advise everyone to do so too.

I’ve switched to a paid Google Drive account (half the price of a paid Dropbox account).



What file sharing site do you use?

After having dealt with all of them in one way or the other, two file sharing systems remain my favorites.

I feel that Dropbox is the most convenient (and free) way of sharing footage with my friends and colleagues. Works via a simple webpage or as an extra drive on your computer; just drag and drop and generate public download links to your files! You can install Dropbox as an app on all your computers, phones and pads and access your files; they’ll be kept in sync. Visit the link below to open a free account and get 2 gb of storage free.

Another new player is a no-nonsense no-subscription upload-and-share site with a 2gb file limit (not bad!).

The major drawback of almost all web-based file sharing services, is that they have their servers in either the USA or Asia. I live in Europe and i’m fed up with sluggish transfers (that also counts for Rapidshare and for Vimeo, but the latter is a whole different subject).

DropBox on the other hand has multiple servers in Europe, the US, South America, Near East, Africa and Asia – and has a unique load balancing mechanism. So, it’s fast.

Other suggestions?


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