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Littekens (“scars”) teaser one of four

This is teaser one, of four, of my new Dutch feature film  Littekens (English: Scars). The four teasers will form the complete trailer in april.

Littekens (Scars) (fall 2013):

In her search for her biological father, after a long journey eastbound, Suzanne discovers a shrouded and horrifying part of her own past, that turns her greatest dream into a dark nightmare.
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Littekens (“Scars”) feature film in production

Littekens de film. chantal demming. fred van kaam. leroy smeenk. martin beek. marlou van kessel.Dear readers.

I have neglected you all the first months of 2012 and i apologize! Over 40 discussions and posts need my attention and i’ve finally found the time to do so.

We started pre-production of my first feature film “Littekens” – Dutch for “scars” – last year, and we’re now rounding off casting and hiring. We’ll start principal photography in may.
There is a temporary website at and a Facebook page at – all in Dutch.

It’ll be a busy year for me and i’ll absolutely try to post some interesting material here. For one, we’ll do a lot of Red camera tests and experiments that will be worth blogging about.

Don’t hesitate to ask questions and/or reply to posts – i’ll try to get back to you a.s.a.p.!


Martin Beek.

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