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For sale: hardly used Panasonic AF101 plus Atomos Ninja recorder

Update: SOLD



We are selling one (the newest) of our two Panasonic camera bodies; this one including brand new Atomos Ninja recorder.

The AF101 doesn’t need further introduction i guess, but here is an English link to the page of the shop where this camera has been purchased in february 2011.
Comes with full extended warranty; still over 2 years. Further one extra large battery, nikon lens adapter, Barry Green’s AF101 book, original box and manuals.

The Atomos Ninja is a 10 bit ProresHQ recorder that flawlessly records from the AF101’s HDMI output. It comes with the original hardcase, two batteries and charger. See . This unit has only be used for about an hour or two.

See Dutch markteplace ad here:

Camera has NEVER been used outdoors and only shot limited hours for test purposes and one studio shoot.

Asking price is around 4000 euros for both camera and ninja. Please feel free to make a bid. Location of object: the Netherlands.

Negotiable: additional Shoot35 baseplate and rods, and RedrockMicro full options mattebox! Bid!
Mail me on m.beek at marvelsfilm dot com
Call me on +31646570853 (GMT evening hours)


AF100 / AF101 filming 24p in a 50hz country

If we all agree (for the sake of this article) that 24p (23.976fps) delivers the most beautiful cinematic look (and i personally agree), then we set SYSTEM FREQ from the OTHER FUNCTIONS menu to 59.94 herz – so that we can select 1080 24P from the SCENE FILE menu – and dial in the 180 degree shutter from the SYNCRO SCAN menu, and Bob’s your uncle..! We now have a real film camera; only things lacking are a $600 roll of celluloid, some extra kilos, a soothing clicking-sound (every click’ll cost you 3.5 cents) and at least 8 extra stops of dynamic range…

Well, that was easy! Let’s start shooting that indie blockbuster!

But, wait!
If you’re in a 50hz country (e.g. all European countries), you’re in for a nasty surprise when your encounter TL fluorescent tubes, cheap LED panels or a TV-set anywhere in the picture. TVs will show rolling black bars and spiky white lines. The TLs really mess up your picture, if the light is bounced off walls, floors or your subject. Your picture will show a pulsating gray bar, creeping along the screen. It may not be directly visible on your EVF, but it will surely ruin your shot. This is caused by the 180 degree shutter; it’s flicker (at roughly 48hz) interferes with the 50hz net frequency.
In order to solve this problem, and being able to shoot in 50hz countries without worrying about interference, the AF101 is one of the very few cameras that let us fine-tune the SYNCHRO SCAN shutter speed!

Do as follows. Go to the SCENE FILE menu and make sure that you have selected FILM CAM and set REC FORMAT to “1080p24”. Now  go to SYNCRO SCAN and dial-in 172.8d as new shutter angle, instead of the default 180d. This will eliminate any flicker and strobing in the picture, because now the camera’s shutter is in sync with the 50hz net frequency.
Try this setting out on a 50hz TV set, or TL fixture.

The maths behind this: (23.976 x 2) / (25 x 2) = 47.952 / 50 = 0.95904  ==>  180 x 0.95904 = 172.63 ==> Do some rounding off down the line and we’ll end up with 172.8 as new shutter angle.


Happy shooting!


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