What file sharing site do you use?

After having dealt with all of them in one way or the other, two file sharing systems remain my favorites.

I feel that Dropbox is the most convenient (and free) way of sharing footage with my friends and colleagues. Works via a simple webpage or as an extra drive on your computer; just drag and drop and generate public download links to your files! You can install Dropbox as an app on all your computers, phones and pads and access your files; they’ll be kept in sync. Visit the link below to open a free account and get 2 gb of storage free.

Another new player is www.wetransfer.com a no-nonsense no-subscription upload-and-share site with a 2gb file limit (not bad!).

The major drawback of almost all web-based file sharing services, is that they have their servers in either the USA or Asia. I live in Europe and i’m fed up with sluggish transfers (that also counts for Rapidshare and for Vimeo, but the latter is a whole different subject).

DropBox on the other hand has multiple servers in Europe, the US, South America, Near East, Africa and Asia – and has a unique load balancing mechanism. So, it’s fast.

Other suggestions?




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