This month’s “hardware testdrive” changed. No Gearnex (yet?)

We were planning and expecting to review the Gearnex geared head last month. But, alas, it also didn’t arrive this month, so i’m drastically altering the list of planned reviews.

Gearnex has updated it’s product (different gearbox, better balance) very recently, for introduction at the NAB. Gearnex would like me to review the latest version of course. Although i don’t mind reviewing the “old version”,i understand their point. I still believe that the Gearnex is a great looking product and that they’ve found a niche in the market, and i’m still interested in reviewing this product.

Meanwhile, the new planning – depending on Gearnex or other geared heads to arrive at my doorstep :

April review: The new SmallHD DP1X hd monitor
May review: Using the Convergent Design “NanoFlash” HD recorder (w. new firmware) with the Sony EX-1
June review: Building a CineAlta movie production camera for under $20K
July review: … ? …

Wishlist (depending on availability of products and cooperation of manufacturers):

– GearNex geared head
– Small HD new DL-SLR mini HD monitor
– Red Scarlet (ahem…)
– A new 3D HD camera … (surprise!)



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