Sony XDCAM-EX sharpening without coarsening the image

As you might have discovered in my EX-1 picture profile settings (read this article), i use a pretty clever sharpening that does a great job in bringing out the detail without creating video-like halos and other artifacts.

Alister Chapman has elaborated on this, as well as Sony in their February publication “Improving Picture Sharpness without Coarsening the Image”. This interesting PDF explains in detail (pun not intended) how to adjust the crispening seting to obscure noise in under-exposed areas. The Sony PDF can be downloaded here: http://www.sony.co.uk/res/attachment/file/26/1166605183226.pdf

Alister has written an excellent article on the matter here: http://www.xdcam-user.com/?p=655

There is also a nice suggestion to reduce the greenish hue that is trademark of the XDCAM-EX cameras… Visit Alister’s site XDCAM-USER.com !

I will experiment with adding a crispening setting to my current detail settings. Also will overhaul the current EX-1 picture profile; hope to publish that here soon..




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