Sony launches it’s own brand SD adapter for EX1 / EX3

Thanks to Alister Chapman, http://www.xdcam-user.com/?p=548

Sony are to make an SD card adapter for the EX camera range. The MEAD-SD01 will use class 10! SD cards to allow HD recordings in EX cameras. A firmware update will be needed which should be available before the cards release some time around April.See http://bit.ly/97eTU5

From the Sony Website:

Designed for XDCAM EX
The MEAD-SD01 has been specifically developed by Sony to operate with XDCAM EX hardware and, as long as users follow the usage guidelines with recommended Class 10 SDHC products, they can be confident of the correct operation of their XDCAM EX hardware.
ExpressCard form factor
The MEAD-SD01 Adaptor has the shape of ExpressCard/34 so it can be slotted into the ExpressCard slot of XDCAM EX equipment and other ExpressCard compatible hardware, such as a Windows PC or Mac. Please note the interface standard between the PC and MEAD-SD01 is not PCI Express but USB2.0 – however both PCI Express and USB2.0 are supported as the ExpressCard interface.
PC Compatible
SD Card media recorded with MEAD-SD01 by XDCAM EX hardware works on a PC without any need for drivers. Folders and files of XDCAM EX are shown in the NLE operation window or in Clip Browser in the same way as with SxS media.
PXU-MS240 Compatible
The PXU-MS240 240GB HDD back up unit for SxS media is fully compatible with the MEAD-SD01 adaptor once a firware upgrade has been applied – due March 2010 – simply slot the adaptor with SD Card into the PXU-MS240 unit to record content onto the MS240’s hard drive.
Additional information
The PMW-350, PMW-EX1R, PMW-EX1 and PMW-EX3 can receive updated firmware via an Internet download, while the PMW-EX30 and PMW-10MD will need returning to a Sony service centre as they do not have a USB service port for connecting with a PC. SBAC-US10 SxS Reader/Writer is not compatible because the SBAC-US10 only has PCI Express interface and no USB interface.

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