First Marvels’ TestDrive: Tascam DR-07 recorder

Being the first candidate of our new monthly Filmmaking Hardware Testdrive section: the Tascam DR-07 digital field recorder, being a worthy and affordable alternative for the renown Zoom recorder.

I’ve ordered this great little recorder (with build-in stereo mics) last week and put it to the test yesterday and earlier today during a production shoot for the documentary “A life of Mothering“.

The verdict: GOOD, an amazing tool for an affordable price.

Read the Testdrive article on Martinbeek.Net here.

For our readers: special price deal in our webshop! Follow the link in article.

Oh, by the way – i only add products to our webshop that are rated GOOD.
Both Martinbeek.Net, MarvelsFilm.com and this weblog are NOT sponsored or grandfathered by any hardware manufacturer!

Cheers, happy Hanukkah !



1 Response to “First Marvels’ TestDrive: Tascam DR-07 recorder”

  1. 1 Markus
    December 15, 2009 at 3:25 am

    This sounds good, but the unit has no XLR ins. So for connecting an external shot-gun mic (for example) you’d have to use an XLR-to-mini adapter, which is not a great solution – and smaller, light-weight phantom powered mics are out of the questions.

    I would have gotten the DR-100, which has 2 XLR-ins that provide phanton power. Because of the 2 balanced XLR-in ports you are able to use much longer audio cables with confidence if you had to.

    It’s a more flexible and I’d think also more reliable solution for the long run.

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