Can’t decide, really need your help! Canon 5D/7D buying question

I own a 7D and a number of very prime lenses, some pretty sharp ones. I still find the 7D footage not sharp enough and suffering from weird artifacts (actors having blue streaks in their hair, pattern noise, et cetera), i get some very plastic/fake looking pictures from time to time.  Nevertheless i have found a workflow that suits me at the moment.

Last week i have decided to buy a second camera for budget music video production. My first idea was to buy a second 7D, but i still wonder why it is that some prominent DSLR filmers, like Philip Bloom and others, still use the 5D MKII for recent assignments.

So, i wonder if there are readers here that have used both cameras and can comment on this, or at least answer the poll below.

REMARK: consider picture quality – price/budget, available framerates and other options not taken into account.

I am looking for sharper images in the sense of better/more detail. Even better resolution (7D is barely HD when it comes to acutal recorded lines).


2 Responses to “Can’t decide, really need your help! Canon 5D/7D buying question”

  1. 1 jonny
    December 20, 2009 at 12:43 pm

    I regret buying the 7D actually, would have preferred the 5d MKII.

  2. January 10, 2010 at 1:55 am

    I purchased a 7D and decided to change it for the 5D after two days. There’s just something about the quality of image that comes from the full frame sensor that the 7D didn’t have.

    I chose the 7D initially because I wanted 25p, but the new firmware announcement for the 5D was made the next day making the decision to change it even easier.

    From my time with the 7D I was under the impression that it was also noisier than the 5D in low light.

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