Waiting for my little sweet ride: the DollyTrax

I was looking for a small dolly and/or tracks system recently and finally bought this one: the DollyTrax
It’s a very affordable solution, with even an operator stool and push bar. 

From the DollyTrax website (by Paul Lyke):  “I needed a solution that solved two main issues 1) Something I could own and always bring to a shoot with me, as opposed to the usual hassle of reserving/pickup/dropoff/paying rentals, and 2) something I could operate myself, as I was NOT going to eat the cost of a $500/day dolly operator or track assistant. I started researching some of the new innovative dolly systems out there, but each one had an annoyance that would be a deal breaker.”

So Paul came up with a product design himself, with great specifications, with a track-less approach, with special 10″ pneumatic slicks that’ll roll smoothly on almost every surface, AND the ability to carry an operator with the godlike physique  that i’m blessed with (200lbs).

I hope it’ll arrive one of these days and i’ll keep you posted on this baby.



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