Canon 7D firmware 1.0.9 doesn’t fix any of our problems…

It was to be expected… Although Canon mailed me to inform me that the upcoming firmware update addresses the problems with pattern noise and (most important) dropped frames, well, it doesn’t…

So all the people who wrote me and who have already responded in this weblog; keep writing Canon, keep calling their service dept, keep in touch with your dealer: it’s the only way a future firmware update will address this issue.

Let’s hope the guys from Magic Lantern will come up with some tweaks soon!

I solved the problem partly by swapping the body for another one, but i still see the strange stutter from time to time. It doesn’t worry me much though, i can fix it in post – but i can understand that some people that have spent their savings on this camera are pretty disappointed. Let’s wait for Magic Lantern; see if that is going to be of any help – or let’s wait for the new Sony Alpha digital camera that is rumoured to shoot full HD on a SxS card – or wait for the Red Scarlet – or … just start shooting with your 7D and put up with the anomalies, or try to solve them in a clever way.

By the way, here is the new firmware: Canon 7D firmware download




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