Amazing 200 dollar HD recorder for Sony EX cameras

Australian based E-Films launches new HD recorder for EX cameras, for under 200 dollars!

Over a year ago, E-Films suprised me with the release of their MxR HDC card convertors for the Sony EX range, enableing the use of cheap HDC SD cards for our EX1. Now E-Film comes up with another marvel, further reducing the cost of EX1 footage: a HD&SD Harddisk recorder for just 199 dollars, drive excluded.

In operation the user turns on power to the hard drive, attaches the cable to the Expresscard USB adapter, inserts into the camera, and the camera will report on how much free space there is on the hard drive. The user can then record to the HDD as they would to either an SxS card or an MxR/e-LCR card.

Once recording has been completed, the user plugs the HDD enclosure into the computer via e-sata, and they can either edit directly from the e-HDR at full speed or they can download the data at a lightning 3Gbps

If you e.g. add a 80gb harddrive for another 50 bucks, you have the cheapest – though very reliable – HD recorder EVER!

Great stuff: see http://www.e-films.com.au


1 Response to “Amazing 200 dollar HD recorder for Sony EX cameras”

  1. 1 Nitwit
    October 18, 2009 at 11:44 pm

    Buy a Canon 5D2 instead! Cheap CF cards!

    I got rid of my Sony EX3 crap when I compared the image quality from each camera. Better lenses and much cheaper underwater housings as well…

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