RedrockMicro Encore M2 crashes, service dept takes immediate action


Martin Beek with Sony EX1 and Encore M2 (please ignore belly)

During the last Birth of a Song shoot, i heard a strange metallic noise from the Encore’s body, followed by a scraping sound. I switched it off immediately and to my horror there were two scratches on the groundglass. We took theM2 body apart in search for a loose bolt or nut, or anything hard and sharp – but nothing to be found. Probably left the gate through the front or it is stuck somewhere in the electronics or battery compartment.

Visually, there is no degradation of the picture/performance, although there is a measurable fluctuation in the video level; oscillating up and down on the waveform monitor. Big pro of the Encore M2 is the very high rotation speed of the groundglass; it obscures all possible scratches and dust.

RedrockMicro’s service department immediately rose to the occasion and offered repair and a check-up. A courier will pick it up this week. Great (international) service!

Since we are having holidays now (our star actress is on holiday actually) and shoot continues last week of august, we can spare the Encore DOF adapter for a month. I am confident it will return in top condition.

It’s the first issue ever with the RedrockMicro Encore M2 and i am not even sure if the M2 can be blaimed at all… Probably one of my industriously performed cleaning operations loosened a screw somewhere internally…


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