First public footage of Birth of a Song

Hi all.

We have been filming for the last fews weeks, so i haven’t had the time to maintain this weblog four you all.

We have taken the Ex1 and the RedrockMicro M2 Encore to the Dutch coast. Rain, sand and salt have been pestering us during the day. My car broke down (lost all the oil through a hole in the motor) half way to the coast (two hour drive). The cast and crew were exhausted, washed, salted and sandblasted.


The RedrockMicro M2 Encore all wrapped up in plastic

Much to my surprise, and contrary to my previous experiences with cameras on the beach, very little sand or other sh*t has entered the camera or the Encore. I have to admit that i wrapped the whole rig in plastic wrap and gaffertape, leaving just a few gaps for cooling, that i covered with cloth. Sorry for the blurry picture above; it’s one of a few we managed to take between the showers…

Last saturday we started shooting on a series of hospital schots; filming in the lab and on the intensive care depts.
I have a very very short clip from “Birth of a Song” for you, just 21 seconds. It’s one of the scenes that are in black and white. Click to watch.

Click Here to View The Video Titled: BOAS TestSequence 1

Just one simple widescreen matte filter, and Joe’s Levels filter. Balanced the white input and output of Joe’s filter to achieve a “Kodak Ektachrome” black and white look. No magic bullets here!

Cheers – more to come..!


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