Excited, waiting for the RedrockMicro M2 Encore

After much consideration, we (Marvels Film) have chosen the RedrockMicro M2 Encore 35mm. DOF adapter for our upcoming short film “Birth of a Song”.

filmlookby_blackbkgnd_hdWe have tested four different adapters since januari. This has proved to be an exhausting, time- and money-consuming job. After having run into trouble with almost each one of them, we ended up with one model that had outstanding construction, filmlook, speed, sharpness and lack of the usual artifacts in connection with the Sony EX1, such as CA and bad edge-to-edge sharpness: The M2 Encore indie bundle from RedrockMicro. We rented the kit before, but now decided to order one.

Our operation is not a hobby. “Birth of a Song” is a short movie starring prominent Dutch actors, with The Aids Fund as benificiary. We are very concerned with achieving the required look for the film, which also contains many sureal and impressionist-style images. It’s also the first movie we produce using the Sony CineAlta range of cameras, with the Sony EX1 as “DOF adapter camera” to provide us with shallow depth of field shots. To be more precise: this is the first movie that we will produce without celluloid… Both the Sony EX1 & EX3, in combination with the RedrockMicro M2 Encore, have eventually convinced us that we can leave the Arri in it’s case this time…

So, we are proud to state: Film Look by RedrockMicro!

I’ll soon be able to show the first photos of our gear and the first test shots with the new adapter. Meanwhile, i’ll be sleeping on the doormat waiting for the FedEx guy to arrive… 😉



1 Response to “Excited, waiting for the RedrockMicro M2 Encore”

  1. April 16, 2009 at 12:08 am

    Thank you! I would now go on this blog every day!

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