Revolutionary Cinemek Depth Of Field adapter

Seattle based Cinemek has released it’s all new G35 solid state DOF adapter. Solid state? Yes, fully sealed and no moving parts inside. From their website: The G35 is a revolutionary HD imaging device which allows for 35mm Depth of Field and Field of View. It contains no moving parts and is completely self-contained. Its compact size and lightweight design make it ideal for professionals, where a filmic look is required.

It has been years since a solid state DOF adapter has been built; all other adapters on the market today contain imaging devices that either vibrate or rotate to loose the grain of the groundglass and dus. Rotating groundglasses being the best solution in my opinion, because they are best in masking dust.

With the G35’s special imaging element, no grain is visible. The unit produces a gorgeous film BOKEH at the expense of 1.4 aperture stops.
All in all an exceptional product. There are some drawbacks, ofcourse…

– no flip unit; images are upside down(you’ll need to flip your LCD and the resulting image in post)
– no rails available (yet)
– 1600+ dollars for the complete product

Cinemek has developed a unique product with absolute outstanding quality, but lacks a few things such as a flipunit and rails.
I guess you could transform a SGBlade flipunit from Shoot35 to fit on the G35… Rails can be bought from Cinevate; but that will all push you to the 2500 dollars if you also consider p&p and taxes. Nevertheless, one to watch…

More info and orders: http://www.cinemek.com (very nice demo movie)



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