SGPRO a Letus Extreme alternative


The new and hip SGBlade by Shoot35 is promising to be a worthy competitor and alternative to the reknown Letus 35 Extreme and Brevis-35  depth-of-field-convertors.

For the price of 599 Brittish pounds for the base convertor, and 1027 pounds for a full kit for the Sony EX series incl. baseplate and flip unit, this convertor is probably the cheapest on the market.

Shoot35 (WayneKinny Co.) is planning to ship orders for this new SGBlade from the 2nd of march 2009.

I have advised dozens of videogrpahers and indie filmmakers on this subject and i have always advised to buy the Letus Extreme, but i’d be happy to finally offer an alternative, because – frankly speaking – there weren’t any…

I bought a Brevis-35 from Cinevate this month, as a replacement for my old Letus-35, which i value over the Letus and (probably) GSBlade adapters.

I hope, indeed, that the new GSBlade from Shoot35 is going to be the true Letus alternative; i’ll keep you posted. And… hopefully i’ll be able to shoot some footage and post it here.

Link: http://www.sgpro.co.uk/


I just spoke to SGPro’s CEO Wayne Kinnie.
Alas.., there are no SGPros available for evaluation. Even if i would order one today, it would take the best part of march for it to arrive. Orders have mounted up and the SGBlades are handed out on a first-come-fist-served basis.

I have reconsiderd my intention to buying one. I hate standing in line for some 1000+ euro gadget that has not yet been tested or proofed to be working. I AM an early adopter, but that attitude has costed me dearly on many occasions. Maybe i have grown old and wise… Let others spend money on the first SGBlade and wait for their reports!
Meanwhile, i have purchased a Brevis-35 by Cinevate, which is an outstanding  CPU controlled DOF adapter.



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