Reducing the cost of SxS memory:MxR


Australian “mate” e-Films has developed a SDHC-SD to SxS adaptor for the Sony EX series. They call it MxR.

Using this adaptor with high speed (30mbps) SD cards, reduces the costs of 16gb to just 50 bucks..!
There is also an alternative to the home-brew Aussie: the Delkin EX34.

If standard SD cards are used (like the Sandisk Ultra-II, available from any photo shop or even supermarket), overcranking on the SD card has to be limited to 65-70% (see info below).
There are no further limitations or technical drawbacks. There is no difference whatsoever in picture quality or camera performance – you can mix SxS and MxR cards and forget about it…

You can order these babies directly from e-Films at $35 each. You’ll only need one or two adaptors.


  • Overcranking on 16mbps cards to max. 65% to keep it on the safe side (720p/48fps will work, 720p/50 will not)
  • You should exclusively have firmware version 1.11_0531 on your camera and nothing else! Visit a Sony service center to do upgrading if needed
    (one advise from “the master” regarding EX cameras: NEVER upgrade beyond aforesaid version!!! Just don’t…!)

Is a MxR card stable enough to use in a professional environment?
YES! You can use the MxR card instead of the SxS in any environment, eg. documentary, broadcast, weddings, indie film, .. The image is recorded in exactly the same wayas if you were recording on the SxS.

What type of SD cards can be used with the Ex series cameras?

Sandisk Ultra II 16GB
Transcend 8GB and 16GB
Kingston 16GB

Adata 16GB
Toshiba 8GB
Lexar 8GB and 16GB SSD

Also the new Sandisk Utra III and Ultra III 32gb cards are known to work OK, even with 150% overcranking, but e-Films does not guarantee anything here (yet).

Order info and website:  http://www.e-films.com.au
Delkin alternative: http://www.delkin.com/products/adapters/expresscard34/6in1.html

(Delkin warns that the card doesn’t work with the EX series, but don’t be put off – this is a Sony struggle thing)

Hey, what the hack – just spend max 70 bucks on this experiment and save a few hundred in the end..!



I ordered and received two MxR adapters and they work like a charm! Great stuff, great savings.
I use the Sandisk Ultra-II. Next week i’ll try a Sandisk Ultra-III with 32GB and see if we can do some serious overcranking…


1 Response to “Reducing the cost of SxS memory:MxR”

  1. 1 Nitwit
    October 18, 2009 at 11:55 pm

    So why didn’t Sony do this in the first place?

    Could it be part of their arrogant “tech drip-feed” marketing mentality…let the dummies pay through the nose for using Sony camcorders…which only have pathetically marginal “improvements” with each new model.

    I’ll so happy that the Canon 5D2 has finally given Sony’s attitude the kick in the arse it deserves.

    Get rid of the pathetic EX while you still can…there’s something remarkable coming from Canon in 2010…

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