Bought a new Sony CineAlta camera

CineAltaI have expande my collection (and drained my savings account)… Bought this new compact Sony CineAlte camera via a friend at Weta in New Zealand.

It has been many years since my last cinematographic expression 😉 So it’s time for a new cinematographic adventure!

Don’t be alarmed… it is NOT the 150,000 dollar camera pictured on the left HAHA – It looks like it though… What i did bought though, is the EX1 😉 – got you worried there, did i ?!
No friends, i will not need to sell the house…

I will be planning some filming trips abroad this year to shoot some cool nature stuff; wide vista’s and what not…

This camera will shoot in full HD with cine gamma on 25 fps, with excellent filmic DOF and contrast. I have bought some extra must-have filters to go with the matte-box, to improve the filmic quality: a diffuser, an IR filter, a polarizer (ouch..! expensive!) and some cool gray and coloured grads. I am lucky to have a range of Arri PL lenses that i am hoping to mount on this baby.

I’m sure you will be hearing more about this beauty and will see some of it’s output soon on this website!



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